Viewpoint Photography

About Us

Pam Setchell has owned and operated Viewpoint Photography for the past 25 years. In this new age of “instant gratification” in picture taking, Pam still maintains a commitment to the highest quality of image making reflecting her expertise in composition, lighting and capturing the very real essence of her subject(s).

In the photography world, Pam holds a Masters and a Craftsman degree, having achieved two of the highest credentials in the industry. She is also an award winning photographer whose works have been selected for the prestigious “Loan Collection” which tours the United States and other countries. Her commercial photographs have appeared in House Beautiful, Architectural and House Digest and Unique Home and on the covers of many other magazines.

Pam has a passion for, and Viewpoint has a specialty in animal photography, which has been written about by the New York Times, Newsday and featured on Channel 12 and several Talk Radio stations. Our pets are our treasured friends and wonderful members of our family and are immortalized in Viewpoint’s magnificent animal portraiture, portraits finished to look like heirloom oil paintings.

Pam is very well known locally as “The Woman who Saved Huntington’s Lighthouse”, another passion of hers that speaks to her dedication to historical and maritime preservation for the value it provides in this ever changing world that we live in. Pam recently celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Huntington Lighthouse (thanks to the hard labor, love and devotion of so many of her volunteers over the past 21 years) with an annual Labor Day Musicfest. It has become a much anticipated event for the Long Island Sound boating community ranging from New York all the way to Rhode Island!


Our professional, corporate and business headshots are renowned as the finest in the industry for their diversity and creativity. Each image is meticulously finished so you always have your “Best Face Forward”!